Use cases

Example of some business use cases

Today, in organizations, processes are executed by people. These processes require the study and understanding of certain information in order to be able to find solutions. With the help of Percipion, those processes can be modernized


“I assess internal communication channels to understand the team morale and help human resource identifying teams or individuals who need support”


“As soon as they are available, I assess annual reviews and assess the soft-skills of the workforce in order to identify related social competencies and build better teams or suggest them improvement areas”


“My job is to assess customer messages (social networks, email, …) in order to identify individuals looking at the competition and pro-actively take actions to reduce client attrition”


“Each day, I assess customer reviews in order to identify active buying drivers for specific products and I use this new insight to increase future sells and communicate them to our IT department for them to fine tune the push-ads feature of our internet portal”


“Within our company, we have a complex document archiving process using specific words. Part of my job is to identify relevant key words in order to better classify documents so that they can be easily found”


“My job is to assess customer feedback, like after they have bought a product or after a training session, to identify mental states and provide to my company new insights so that we can better measure our performance or the quality of our service”


“I work for the IT department and each day I have to fine-tune our ChatBot in order to make it better understand customer requests and provide better answers”


“Each day, I read financial news in order to identify specific semantics to understand the current position within a given market cycle and assist financial managers to take the right decision (sell or buy)”


“My job is to assess political speeches, newspapers or blogs to reveal related mental states (opinion mining)”


“I work as a customer representative within our customer support. Each day, we receive thousands of messages and with my team we have to read them, understand what the customer wants and assign them to the right support team”


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