Price List


Any subscription (membership level) to Percipion™ is in form of an annual flat-fee per server. All monthly subscription prices below are without VAT

* Included features : represent a semantic context, language detection (French or English), grammatical and semantic valence analysis. Can be used by an unlimited amount of users which are able to assess an unlimited amount of verbatims (characters, words or sentences). Percipion™ can be hosted on your premises or on a cloud server. It is a no-code software product, not linked to any third-party software and can be executed in a highly-secured environment (no network access needed)

Pay for what you need

Out of the box, Percipion™ is able to assess 6 core psychological functions and soft-skills

Percipion’s™ understanding capacities can be adapted to your context and to your use case by adding specific VirtualBrains™ representing specific business semantic contexts

You can also further process the new insight that is provided by Percipion™ by using a deductive reasoning engine able to take actions


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