A disruptive AI technology

Percipion™ is a Cognitive AI. It’s a new generation of artificial intelligence that is empowering organizations to modernize business processes by allowing them to have machines capable of understanding information that otherwise would have required human intervention to be truly understood and processed

Percipion™ is an eco-friendly, transparent and reliable proprietary software solution providing to machines the capacity to represent in real-time a context, understand a situation, reason and take actions. It is a positive technology which will help people and can be used within the enterprise on a daily basis to modernize multiple business use cases


A given business context can be represented within Percipion™ providing machines with a mental model of the surrounding world and enabling cognition


Percipion™ is able to understand content provided in natural language and making sense of information that would otherwise require human intervention to be truly understood


Percipion™ has the capacity of judging rightly and making deductions from the new available insight in order to take actions


Percipion’s™ reasoning engine can execute user defined actions linked with the business objectives

My firm Stern Consulting proposes to link strategy and transformation through the use of cognitive science

I was able to discuss several times with the MacAnima team and decided to invest in a packaged solution for my customers, which we are custom building around the Percipion engine

Indeed, Percipion, beyond being completely innovative, gives a precision reached by no competitor on the benchmarks that we were able to achieve

For my clients, this allows us to offer them an automated psychological analysis of their documents, the relevance of which is well beyond the 70% observed in the competition. On my perimeter, we are rather between 95 and 99%, which is a real competitive advantage!

Congratulations to the whole team, we are counting on you 🙂

Christophe Stern

President, Stern Consulting


Five years of research and development were necessary to create Percipion™ and meet the many current technological requirements and constraints


The foundation of Percipion™ is based on cognitive sciences to empower machines to replicate human intelligence


A software component able to process data in a natural way like chemical neurons are processing information in our brain


A data structure based on how knowledge is stored within our long-term memory to enable cognition using ontologies

Made in France

Percipion™ is a proprietary Cognitive AI not linked to any third-party software and 100% made in France


Percipion™ is a knowledge based Cognitive AI which is using VirtualBrains™ to represent a semantic context

Business context specific

The context of a business use case can be represented within a VirtualBrain™ and then embedded within Percipion™. Once available, the machine is able to understand this context and can then be used to improve business processes

Psychological functions

To accelerate the modernization of business use cases which do require insights on psychological states, we have provided Percipion™ with the capacity to assess core psychological functions and soft-skills

Psychological functions


Mental States







Percipion™ is able to understand sentiments (3 positives, 1 neutral, 3 negatives), emotions (8 primary, 24 secondary), human needs (13 primary, 27 secondary), positive and negative affective states, 3 types of intrinsic motivations, 2 types of extrinsic motivations and 7 different social competencies (general communication, verbal communication, non-verbal communication, leadership, influence, emotional intelligence and creativity) and 17 job satisfaction factors

Build your own Cognitive AI

Percipion™ is empowering organizations to build their own Cognitive AI to better support their digital transformation. It can be used on a daily basis by an unlimited amout of users within the enterprise and can be easily integrated within existing software products or microservices


Percipion™ can be hosted on premises or on a cloud server


Percipion™ is able to process content provided in French and English


Percipion™ is provided with a dedicated reporting engine


No coding is necessary to use Percipion™


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