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Sentiment analysis done better

We had a conversation this week with a French multinational information technology services and consulting company. We explained to them what we do and we also had a little time to run a demo showcasing our natural language understanding technology Percipion. They...

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NLU Business Case

At the time we were working for Andersen Consulting, we had core values. The first one was clients are first. We were used to staying focused on our customer needs to find solutions that are working for them, that were for their benefits. Since then, this core value...

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Data Pedigree

September is the best month to prepare a nice tomato soup! It will be the tastiest tomato soup you’ll ever experience. And it is so easy to do: about ten tomatoes, a medium onion, a small carrot, a celery stick, a little olive oil, a little sugar and one-liter water....

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MacAnima SAS, 633 rue Nationale, Contoire-Hamel, 80500 Trois-Rivières, France. Téléphone (Phone) : +33 3 22 78 84 79

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