Cognitive Computing

We provide to machines cognitive capabilities



What we do

To make machines smarter, we believe that we first need to understand how the brain works

Psychology, neurosciences and linguistics are the key ingredients we use to create cognitive computing solutions capable of performing tasks requiring human intelligence

Percipion™, our solution, is a disruptive proprietary technology providing to machines the capacity to represent a context, understand, reason and act. It can be linked to many business applications and data sources in order to assess in real-time content in natural language and provide new key valuable insights

Percipion™ can be used by organizations to build their own cognitive services, modernize business use cases and free people to focus on higher value work to take on new roles and responsibilities

Featured case study

Susie is a human resource specialist. Two times a year, she has to assess the satisfaction of the workforce in order to ensure higher revenues for the organization, identify areas that needs improvement, increase employee retention, boost productivity and teduce long-term HR costs

The work to be done

To assess the satisfaction of the workforce, Susie has to read the feedbacks, assess the situation, understand what is happening, take actions and write reports

Understand & take actions

Assessing the satisfaction at work requires to identify within each employee feedback relevant semantics related to emotions, affective states and specific job satisfaction factors

The problem

Time is missing and only some feedbacks are studied to get a quick insights on the voice of workforce. In such cases, there is a risk not being able to identify areas that need improvement

Let’s dig into the details

If within Susie’s organization the headcount is equal to 10 000 people, that a survey is sent 2 times a year to the workforce and that only 30% is providing a feedback, Susie would have to assess 6 000 verbatims per year ! If she is spending 10 minutes to assess a feedback, this would mean that she would need 60000 minutes to do the job (142 mandays / 0.68 FTE) !

This business process is not easy to modernize since it does require human intelligence to be executed. Susie needs to read, understand the situation and has to take actions

In such a situation, our Cognitive Computing solution could be used

Assess Customer Claims

Identify Soft-Skills

Assess Customer Satisfaction

Assess Speeches & News

Morale of the Workforce

Reduce Attrition

Assess Customer Feedbacks

Study buying drivers

Assess Quality Reviews

Assess inappropriate content

Additional information

European Regulation

We do respect the future European regulation and we fully support the objective of the Union of being a global leader in the development of an eco-friendly, secured, trustworthy and ethical artificial intelligence, providing to our clients a solution that they are allowed to use.

Who we are

Founded in 2016 by two cognitive psychologists who worked for the French National Center for Scientific Research (C.N.R.S.) and the Computer Science Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence (LAFORIA).


MacAnima has been recognized in 2019 and 2020 as one of the top 10 cognitive computing companies in Europe and shortlisted among the 12 best French companies in 2019 to represent the French Tech abroad.