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Our vision

Today, in organizations, most of the processes which involves human intelligence, are executed by people and cannot be easily modernized using traditional technologies.

Our vision is that tomorrow, these same processes will be executed by people and by machines.

To make this possible, we need to create a new generation of artificial intelligence able of replicating how the brain works and capable of performing tasks normally requiring human intelligence.


The foundation of Cognitive Computing

Intelligence can be defined by our ability to reason, make decisions and solve problems. These cognitive processes are linked to psychological functions such as emotions, sentiments or needs. These mental states are providing additional context related key insights which once added to other available inputs will create a conglomerate of information, providing us with a mental representation of the situation, enabling our awareness and adapting our behaviors and actions.

Identify and understand

Creating this new generation of artificial intelligence will require that these human capabilities can be transferred to and executed by a machine. And this is the exact purpose of Percipion, our software solution: provide to machines the capacity to represent a context, understand a situation and take actions.

Heading for Cognitive Computing

Percipion will provide machines with new key insights that can be used to support algorithms implementing human reasoning, decision making or problem solving so that the actions taken by the machine are closer to those a human would have taken.



Use Percipion to modernize use cases that require human intelligence and thus accelerate the digital transformation of the company (implementation of dedicated micro-services)


All-in-one solution

Percipion is a semantic parser able to understand natural language. It can be used on a daily basis within the enterprise to support many use cases



Depending on the use case, a specific lexicon (ontologies) can be added to Percipion. Our consultant will be happy to support you doing this


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